Welcome to The Hub
A place where knowledge and information on harm reduction, Urgent Public Health Need Sites (UPHNS), and COVID-19 can be shared across Canada
The HUB is a one-stop-space where frontline service providers, people with living and lived expertise, health care professionals, and policymakers can learn from each other about establishing and operating services in emergency shelters where people may need to use drugs and/or where overdose prevention approaches are necessary.
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About The Hub

Project overview

What is a Community of Practice? A group of people who:

  • Have similar concerns or passions
  • Share experiences, stories, and tools intended to improve their approach and outcome
  • Meet regularly to accelerate and spread expertise

How it works

Participants register to join the community of practice by using a registration form located on the HUB website. Once enrolled, participants can accelerate their planning and troubleshooting process by accessing discussion forums, online training sessions, and one-to-one training from leaders in the field. All presentations and documents will be available in English and French.

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