The Sky's the Limit Presentation Sponsored by Dr. Peter Centre at CCSA, 2023

The Sky's The Limit

From November 20th to November 22nd, 2023, the Knowledge Translation and Evaluation (KTE) team from the Dr. Peter Centre participated in the CCSA Conference held in Vancouver. On November 21st, during the afternoon breakout presentations, the Dr. Peter Centre presented the "The Sky's The Limit" video.

"The Sky's The Limit" Plot Based on a Real Story This video navigates the life journey of a young man who encountered early adversities. He turned to various substances for different reasons - to belong, to alleviate pain, to explore his identity, among others. Initially, he fell prey to the normalization of the stigmatization surrounding substance users. However, he eventually discovered a supportive community within organizations such as the Dr. Peter Centre and the Canadian Association of People who Use Drugs, both striving to challenge these stigmatizing labels.

About the Project: This project strives to raise awareness about how stigmatization impacts a vulnerable population. By reshaping the narrative, it creates a secure, inclusive environment that enables People Who Use Drugs (PWUD) to harness their independence, skills, and connections within our society. It's a collaborative effort involving the Dr. Peter Centre, the Canadian Institute of Health Research, Dope Policy, the Canadian Association of People Who Use Drugs, Believeco, and Gilead, aimed at producing an educational video for both PWUD service users and providers.

The audience at the session warmly embraced the video, expressing great appreciation. We commend Matt Bonn for his courageous advocacy on such a crucial topic.

Find the video on YouTube at the following link: