Stimulus Connect #6

Stimulus Connect was envisioned by the Stimulus National Implementation and Planning (SNIP) Committee in response to the parallel public health emergencies of the toxic illegal drug market and Covid-19.  Stimulus Connect is not just another webinar, it is an opportunity for Canadian stakeholders in harm reduction and drug policy to come together, learn and network on specific topics. The topics are gathered through a range of methods including from SNIP meetings, media and previous #StimulusConnects. Simultaneous Interpretation will be provided.

Have you considered why most harm reduction and drug policy activists support the movement to Defund the Police? How are harm reduction philosophy, drug policy reform and the movement to defund the police linked? How do the police benefit from the criminalization of people who use drugs? Defund the Police has been a strong rally cry in the US and Canada. #StimulusConnect will discuss why defunding the police is an essential part of harm reduction based practice. Join our Canadian panelists for Defunding the Police, a moderated discussion.

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