Psychedelic Community & Racial Justice

The Psychedelic Community & Racial Justice series continues this Saturday, July 25.

Part 3: Defunding Police & Ending Prohibition

What does the world look like after ending prohibition and all its systems of harm, including over-policing, surveillance, and mass incarceration?

What do the new systems look like, including restorative/transformative justice and reparations for drug war victims?

What can we learn from recent protests and Black Lives Matter?

How can the psychedelic community support the transition?

Featuring Kassandra Frederique of the Drug Policy Alliance, Neill Franklin of LEAP, Roman Haferd of Catharsis on the Mall, & moderated by Ifetayo Harvey of the People of Color Psychedelic Collective.

If you missed the previous events in the series, you can replay them here:

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See you Saturday!