Loves Learning…

David Bergmark

I have held two careers that provide learnings in love.  Massage Therapy and Group facilitation.

But my true career has not been employment.  My true mission began while listening to an inspirational lecture about love.  It began when I heard of a suicide note.  The note ended with, “If one person smiles at me (on the way to the bridge), no one will see this suicide note”.  One smile!  ONE PERSON…  Since that time, it has been my mission to be that person.  With every glance, every smile I might just be changing the whole world.  I became a lifelong learner, in the study of love.  It’s been 47 years; I conclude that with love, no matter where I am on this path, I am always just beginning.

I suspect that repeated thoughts manifest in physical form.  “Loves Learning” begins with an affirmation, first person present tense.  In this way I reinvent my future day by day.

My life is blessed, because I choose it to be so.